how do i Recover Google account with date of birth and sms-phone number

Google is one of the prominent platforms used for almost all the basic internet activities. All you need is to make one Gmail or Google account and then you will be able to access all the basic internet activities. From sending mails to downloading applications, getting important notifications and alerts, you can use Google account and its services.

Forgetting the password of Google

You can access the Google account with the help of an email and a password. But many a times, there are people who end up forgetting the password of Google account. And without the password, you cannot use your Google account. Almost each of has been through password issue and sensing the problem, Google provides its users with the help of Gmail account recovery.

Methods of recovering Google account

To recover the Google account, there are basic three methods through which you can recover your account. To understand it better, below are those three methods of Google account through which you can recover your account.

1.Alternative email address

2.Recovery phone number

3.Answering security questions

Account recovery with the help of security questions

Though you can use any method to recover your account but if in case you don’t have information related to any one method the you can use the another one. For example, if you want to recover your lost account with the help of Gmail account recovery date of birthand then follow below given steps.

Google account recovery with the help of date of birth

1.To recover the lost account, open the Google sign in page and click on forgot id and password

2.Moving on, you will be redirected to the Google account recovery page. Here you can use anyone method to recover your account.

3.Suppose if you don’t have information related to email and phone number, then you can use your security questions answers to recover the account

4.For answering the security questions, you will be asked questions like date of birth or name of your city etc.

5.Once you have answered all of these questions, Google will try verifying your account.

6.Once done, now you can set a new password. Enter a password for yourself and once done, re-enter to confirm.

And having completed all the above steps of Google account with the help of Gmail password reset number, you can log in with the help of new password. And if in case, you face any doubt then contact the customer care team of Google and you will be done.

how to get Spirit Airlines Reservations?

In the list of the most coveted airlines’ around the globe, Spirit has its own place. It not only provides air services but also offer state of the art customer service to every passenger whether it is on-board or in-flight services or services provided before departure Spirit has marked its presence.

Due to reasons which are mentioned above and some other reasons which make this a perfect airline to travel with, thus there are millions of passengers who book the ticket in this airline and if you are also willing to make the reservation with the airlines then you may follow the procedure which is mentioned.

The procedure of Spirit Airlines Booking

Select an online visit. As part of the first step of the booking process, visit the official website of Spirit Airlines and click on Book tab of the homepage of the website.

Give information about the itinerary. Give information about the Date of the flight(s), and place of departure & arrival, Select the type of trip and click on Search Flight.

Select flight(s). Select flights from the available flights for both departure and arrival, click Continue.

Enter Passenger Details. Give both personal and contact information of the passenger to the airlines and click Continue.

Select the seat and add on service. After providing the passengers’ detail select a seat on which you want to travel and any other add on service to be used before, during or after the flight.

Payment & confirmation. Give payment to the airlines and obtain the confirmation of the reservation on Email.

After Making Reservation
Once you complete the reservation process, you can complete or add any service which you want to add in the booking by visiting Manage Reservation tab of the website and pay for the additional service (if applicable).

Along with this, it is recommended that a passenger should familiarize with the baggage, flight change, flight cancellation, pet, child policy of the airlines. To avoid any fee charged by airlines on the booking made.

If you are not able to make spirit airlines reservations then you can get in touch with the help center of the airlines to find the way out of the predicament.

Gmail Account Recovery Date of Birth

Gmail is one of the most sophisticated digital services which are provided by Google inc. the users of the internet, it is available for free to use webmail service which has a security feature and is available on both PC/Laptop or mobile devices as an application. 


The security feature requires a password for operating which not only provides security but also make a user lose the account if he is not able to remember the password but there is another way to recover the How To Google Account Recovery Date of Birth?


Process of Gmail account recovery date of birth


  • Website Visit. Please visit the official website of Gmail and enter the Email address, click Forget Password this will open Gmail’s account recovery page.
  • Get to the DOB step. You will get the option of recovering the Gmail account using various methods through Phone Number, Trusted Device or recovery Email and you need to click on the option of Try Another Way till you reach the account recovery step of Security Questions.
  • Security Questions. At the option of entering the answers of the Security Question, select the option to enter the date of birth because you can not rely on other security questions to give accurate answers.
  • Enter Date of Birth. Enter the date, month and year in which the account holder was born which is linked with the Gmail account you want to recover.
  • Create a New Password. After entering the Date of birth, create a new password and confirm it by entering it again in the required column. 

In addition to this, there are other methods for the Gmail account recovery like using a trusted device or a popular one using the phone number to prove the ownership of the Gmail account or get in touch with the customer support of Gmail service.

Get Back Access to Your Facebook Account?

Facebook is now a well known social networking website that does not require any introduction. It has become a favorite application amongst users from different parts of the world resulting in connecting them with their friends and relatives. Facebook has even provided a platform where users can make new friends and make them closer. Apart from making new friends, Facebook also supports a small business giving it a new height by making it available for the public. 


With all these features and services, Facebook is counted in one of the topmost social networking websites. Also, your Facebook profiles are protected with a unique username and password such that the information entered, photos shared, videos, etc are safe and misused. Also, there has been an increase in cyber threats and crimes hence your data and personal information are vulnerable. So, you are always advised to keep the password secured and not shared.  

However, if you have forgotten your account password and want to proceed for Facebook account recovery without phone number and that is explained below. 


Steps to Get Back Facebook Account without phone number! 


  1. First, you need to open any preferred web browser and go to from the top of the page. 

  2. Enter the username in the sign-in page that is displayed in front of you and tap on the “Forgot Password?” option from the bottom of the page. 

  3. You will be directed to the Facebook account recovery page where you will be asked to select any one option. 

  4. As you do not have a phone number then you can choose recovery with the help of email and enter the alternate email on the recovery page. 

  5. Check the verification code that you have received and enter the same on the Facebook recovery page and tap “Next”. 

  6. You will now be allowed to create a new password after the code has been checked by the Facebook server.  

  7. Create a new password, that is strong enough and easy to remember. Tap “OK” once you are done. 

  8. Type the password once again to confirm and tap “OK”. 


So, with the help of the above steps, a user can get back access to the Facebook account without hassle. Further, if any user does not want to use email and security options to get back the account then he can choose recovery by answering the security question. Those users who still are facing any issue and are unable to get back the account shall not panic. For such users, customer support will always be in service. 


Contacting Facebook Customer Service to Get Any Kind of Help! 

Those users who happen to face any issues while getting back his Facebook account shall not get puzzled. Users can choose to get in touch with Facebook customer service phone number or chat or social platform and get the issues resolved. All these platforms are active 24/7 and contain a bunch of experienced customer support representatives who will be readily solving your issue. Apart from this, you can even save your time by contacting them as you will be getting the resolution in a short period.  

How To Get EgyptAir Manage Booking NUmber?

EgyptAir is the national airline of Egypt and serves with many world-class services. The airline offers you online access to its services, in this way, you would not be required to go anywhere for accessing EgyptAir services. No matter, if you want to book a flight ticket, cancel or change a flight, you can do everything online by going to its website. Additionally, the airline helps you whenever any trouble appears in availing the services. You can contact the EgyptAir customer service team to get instant help.

Besides, if you have booked a flight and want to make a few changes in it. You can do that through the My Trip section on the website. Above all, you can avail the given services on EgyptAir:

  • Once your flight ticket is booked, you choose your seat on EgyptAir.
  • On the My Trip section, check-in for your flight can be done online and you can get the boarding pass for your flight. 
  • If you have a need to add extra baggage, you can do so as well.
  • In addition, you can change or cancel your EgyptAir flight bookings.

If you have hold the payment for your flight tickets, flight reservation payment can also be completed by going to the EgyptAir manage booking section. Apart from this, follow the given steps to manage your flight tickets.

How Would You Manage Your Flight Tickets Booked on EgyptAir?

  • To manage your flight bookings, you should open the website of EgyptAir.
  • On its homepage, you would see the My Booking tab, fill in the booking reference number and passenger's last name.
  • After that, you have to click See Your Bookings option.
  • Next, you would get your flight booking details on your screen also you would get EgyptAir Manage Booking options over there.
  • You can choose any of the given service or features that you want to apply on your flight bookings.
  • Additionally, you are required to follow the onscreen instructions to complete the process.

Besides, there are some services offered by the airline to access them you would be required to pay. In such cases, complete the payment to add the service on your flight booking.

Get Your Flight Booking Managed on EgyptAir from Anywhere

The above procedure will help you thoroughly and you won't see any problem in adding or removing a service on your booking flight ticket. Just in case, if the things don't turn out as it has to be and you see an issue while managing your flight booking online, you shouldn't worry about it. You can still manage your flight ticket with the help of the EgyptAir reservations number all you need is to dial the helpline number and you will be in touch with a reservation expert. The representative will help you thoroughly to manage your flight bookings 24*7 instantly.

Google live person phone number


google live person

Crave of human connection seems much better than the automated teller machine. Google live person helps you to resolve all your queries related to Gmail, Google+ and any other service. To connect with the Google live person, you must know the authentic customer support number to share your cogent concern to them. To get quick assistance from the customer support team follow these steps carefully for Google Phone numberHere we have updated the most safest and the simple approach to connect with the Google live support assistance which remain active 24*7 and 365 days a year. 


Some key points to connect Google Live person

  • In the first step effort, go to the Google account website and concurrently tap on the contact forum.
  • Further, click on the support tab and pick the product further than you want to recover.
  • In this step, you will be shown a list of options to choose from where you have to mark on Gmail.
  • Moving ahead, you will be shown a repository of options where you have to mark on Gmail.
  • In the next move, you will showcase different modes to connect live with the support hand via the phone number or the Email address.

After following all the above steps, if you unable to connect with the Google Live person or agent. You can follow the below-mentioned steps to connect with the Google live person.


Stick with the process to connect with the Google Live person over the phone call

  • After calling the authentic Phone number, you will be asked to select the options.
  • Google asks for press1 for any assistance related to music, apps, and downloads.
  • If you do not find the option after following the above step, you can press 2 for taking assistance from the technical support.
  • Press 3 for all the recent orders.
  • If you want to buy anything, you can press 4.
  • If you want to learn more about the options, press 5.

After persistently pressing 5, Next menu will appear in which you will be shown different modes to connect with the Google customer service phone number

  • You need to press 1 for the Nest support.
  • Press 2 if you have any issue with the Gmail.
  • Press 3 to get back to the main menu.
  • Customer support teams connect with the Google live person which can be discussed and resolved.

All the above steps consider all the basic aspects to connect with the Google Live person, but once you get to connect it is recommended to stay online over the phone call or the Email support to get immediate feedback or the quick assistance from the customer support specialist or with the Google Live person Phone number.

As aside from this, you can use the most updated solutions or the process to connect with the Google Live person phone number.

What are the features of United Airline’s manage?

United Airlines is among top three airlines of USA which is well connected with major domestic and international destinations. Providing flights at highly low cost, United Airlines is preferred by most of the people to travel to and from the country. Moreover, after booking flights in united Airlines if in case you want to change or modify your bookings you can even do that. All kinds of modifications and changes in the booking can be done with the help of united Airlines manage booking. As a passenger you can access to all the services of manage booking online. To find out how refer to below details.

Steps to access manage booking services of United Airlines

1.To enjoy the services of manage booking in united airline, visit its official website
2.Once done, click on the manage booking link that you can easily find in the front row
3.Moving ahead, as you double click a few more subheads will load under manage booking services
4.And from here you can access all the services.

What are the services of manage booking of united Airlines

There are varieties of options of services to choose from under manage booking link. You can reach out to the services following the steps of united Airlines reservations. To find out, tap on the below details.

1.Cancellation and changing flights

There are times when we cancel or change plans that are already confirmed. Between that, we also have to modify our bookings. Thus if you want to cancel or change flight, you can do it with the help of manage booking service.

2.Upgrading seats or reserving seats in flight

If you want, you can even upgrade your booking of normal economy through manage bookings option. Moreover if you want to travel on the seat of your own choice, you can even reserve your seats with the help of manage bookings.

3.Check baggage policy or pet policy

Passengers can even carry their pets on flight, if airline allows them. As a passenger you can refer to pet policies under manage booking services. Similarly, you can also check baggage policy to decide the amount of luggage to be carried.

4.Check in online

These days airlines also give access to their passengers to check in sitting at home only. If you want to escape waiting in the long queue at the check in counter, then you can click on United manage booking and check in through phone only.

5.Ask for refund and printing receipt

if you have applied for cancellation and now want to obtain refund then you can apply through manage booking service. Also if you want to obtain your print out or receipt, then enter booking number and name.Press enter and obtain your print out.

And that all for manage booking of united Airlines . In case you come across any other doubt, you can easily contact united Airlines live person. You can contact them by mail or call.

How Do i Get My Boarding Pass From United Airlines?