What are the features of United Airline’s manage?

United Airlines is among top three airlines of USA which is well connected with major domestic and international destinations. Providing flights at highly low cost, United Airlines is preferred by most of the people to travel to and from the country. Moreover, after booking flights in united Airlines if in case you want to change or modify your bookings you can even do that. All kinds of modifications and changes in the booking can be done with the help of united Airlines manage booking. As a passenger you can access to all the services of manage booking online. To find out how refer to below details.

Steps to access manage booking services of United Airlines

1.To enjoy the services of manage booking in united airline, visit its official website
2.Once done, click on the manage booking link that you can easily find in the front row
3.Moving ahead, as you double click a few more subheads will load under manage booking services
4.And from here you can access all the services.

What are the services of manage booking of united Airlines

There are varieties of options of services to choose from under manage booking link. You can reach out to the services following the steps of united Airlines reservations. To find out, tap on the below details.

1.Cancellation and changing flights

There are times when we cancel or change plans that are already confirmed. Between that, we also have to modify our bookings. Thus if you want to cancel or change flight, you can do it with the help of manage booking service.

2.Upgrading seats or reserving seats in flight

If you want, you can even upgrade your booking of normal economy through manage bookings option. Moreover if you want to travel on the seat of your own choice, you can even reserve your seats with the help of manage bookings.

3.Check baggage policy or pet policy

Passengers can even carry their pets on flight, if airline allows them. As a passenger you can refer to pet policies under manage booking services. Similarly, you can also check baggage policy to decide the amount of luggage to be carried.

4.Check in online

These days airlines also give access to their passengers to check in sitting at home only. If you want to escape waiting in the long queue at the check in counter, then you can click on United manage booking and check in through phone only.

5.Ask for refund and printing receipt

if you have applied for cancellation and now want to obtain refund then you can apply through manage booking service. Also if you want to obtain your print out or receipt, then enter booking number and name.Press enter and obtain your print out.

And that all for manage booking of united Airlines . In case you come across any other doubt, you can easily contact united Airlines live person. You can contact them by mail or call.

How Do i Get My Boarding Pass From United Airlines?

How to Reset Instagram Password without Phone Number?

Got bored of using Facebook as a social networking website? Then you can take a dig into another social networking website which is quite different from the usual Facebook. And this application is Instagram where you can create your profile, update pictures and videos to it and also explore other profiles. With the advancements, this application has also upgraded its features with the introduction of messages facility which is known as a direct message. 

So, if you have not got the chance to experience and explore this application then you can create an account now and use it. But, for those who already have their account on this application, it does not require any introduction on Instagram. But, still, you are here then we assume that you are facing any issue while performing an Instagram password reset option and steps related to it. And if you are fed up with finding ways to get the resolution but did not get the same hence landed here in the hope of finding one then you shall not panic. You happen to have landed at the correct place as we will be giving you a sureshot resolution which is stated below. 

Steps to Regain Access to Instagram Without Phone Number! 

To recover the account you can take the help of a web browser and then follow the steps below. 

  1. Land on any preferred web browser and go to the official website of Instagram from its search bar at the top. 

  2. Enter the username or email that you want to recover and tap the “Forgot Password?” option from the bottom of the password box. 

  3. You will be taken to the Instagram account recovery page where you will be asked to select any one recovery option. 

  4. You can choose recovery with the help of an alternate email and check the email linked to the account and tap the “Send Email” option. 

  5. In case the linked email is wrong then you can type the email on which you want to get a notification. 

  6. Log into the alternate email and check the inbox for the link stated and check the verification code sent to you. 

  7. Enter the same code on the recovery page and tap “Next”. 

  8. Now, Instagram will be checking the verification code and then allow the user to create its password. 

  9. Make sure that you create a password that is easy for you to remember and strong for others to crack and tap “Next”. 

  10.  You will be asked to re-enter the password for confirmation purposes. Do the same and tap “OK” to confirm. 

Hence, with the help of the above steps, you will get your answer on how to reset Instagram password without phone number and hassle. Further, if you have any issues then you are free to get in touch with Instagram customer service which is 24/7 active.

How to get assistance from the technical support of Google?

If a person using Google services faces any trouble, they can ask for the proper assistance from their customer support to handle it. Google has an excellent team of technical support executive for resolving all customer queries. Google support service is one of the best in comparison to all the other competitors. Moreover, Google offers more than one way to the customer to communicate with them regarding technical guidance. Google users needed this technical support due to various kinds of reasons, which are further discussed below. Also, the first thing you are going to learn here is about different ways of contacting Google support, as explained below.

What are the ways to contact Google support?

As it is already specified above that Google not only offers a single way for support, but there are a few more alternatives for doing it. Hence, the approaches to contact Google support for help are as explained below.

Customer care number

  • Google support service is available via its customer care phone number, which is also the best way of contacting them.
  • Customer care number service of Google is free, and you can dial it anytime 24/7 as it is always serviceable to provide customer support.
  • When you dial the Google customer service number, an automated voice response to your call first, and ask for your query.
  • Then you have to press 5, 3, and 0 digits simultaneously for talking directly to a live customer care representative.

Chat support

  • Live chat service of Google can be found on home page.
  • You have to type your query in the live chat box, explaining the difficulty you are facing while using its services.
  • Then a customer care executive is assigned to handle your query, who responds in the chat box with a proper solution.

Email support

  •  You can get help from Google support team by writing your query in a mail and sending it to the Google’s email support ID.
  • Email support service of Google is slower to respond in comparison to all the other means.

Help pages

  • Google also provide support to the people through its official help pages.
  • Google has many help pages on various social networking websites such as Facebook, Instagram, twitter etc.

Why do customers need to contact Google support?

Google technical support service is like a bond between the Google and its customers. There are various reasons customers need Google support, among which a few of the most common are listed below

  • How to change or reset Google password
  • Google maps navigation not working properly
  • Google account is disabled, or hacked
  • Google search is showing error
  • Google account is deleted, or not working fine

Hence, you can efficiently resolve your Google-related query by contacting the Google support team through any of the above-discussed ways, which is most convenient for you.

Hassle-Free Steps To Recover Gmail Password


gmail password reset

Forgetting Gmail password can be quite disturbing for any users especially when they are an Android device holder. Gmail accounts are comparatively easy to use and reliable among other email client. However, they are more or less similar when it comes to their services but what makes Gmail accounts much better is their user-friendliness and few outstanding in-email services.

If you are also a Gmail account holder and have been facing issues with its password recovery issues for quite awhile then worry not as this article will surely guide you with the best Gmail account recovery steps.  In addition, these steps will help you to reset your Gmail password in no time.

Steps To Reset Gmail Password Without Any Difficulty

If you have access to the phone number or email address that is linked with your Gmail account then you can easily recover your password. However, if you don’t then you can use the Security Questions recovery option to get back your Gmail password. So, in order to recover your Gmail password, first you’ll need to go to this link here: https //g.co/recover Gmail PasswordNext, continue with the steps listed below.

  • Now, enter the username or email address of your Gmail account in the specified field and hit the Next button
  • Next, enter the last password of your Gmail account that you remember or else you can go with the “Try Another Way“ button
  • Now, you can check a recovery notification on your phone that is connected with your Gmail account or else click on the “Try Another Way” option
  • Next, you’ll have to select either the “Text” or “call” button to get the recovery code option from the Gmail
  • Or else you can click on the “I Don’t Have My Phone” button to get the code on the recovery email address
  • Once, you have got the code on the recovery email address then get access to the account and copy the code from there
  • Now, enter or paste the verification code in the given field on the password recovery webpage and hit the Verify button
  • Next, you’ll need to enter a new password in the relevant field and then enter it again to confirm

Moreover, if you are unable to reset your Gmail password with the aforementioned methods then you can opt for Security Questions. But even if you are still unable to do so then it is strongly recommended to get the assistance from the technical support professional on Gmail password reset.

What are the Customer Support Services of Google?



Gmail customer service phone number live person

Today Google needs no introduction for internet users because of its versatility of services. There is not even a single feature so far which Google doesn’t provide. And with time, Google’s features have only improved providing better internet facility. The best part of Google is that you can access all of its services with just single email id. With a Google account, you can download applications on play store, send and receive emails, navigate locations on Google map or browse internet with the help of Google chrome.

Google not working

If you are a user of Google and if your registered Gmail id stops working, then you can easily fix it with the help of few methods. Gmail is one of the vividly used email sites which a lot of people use. And that’s totally normal if users face problem in it. If you are a user of Gmail and it stops working, there could be many reasons that can be fixed with the help of Gmail customer service number.

Causes of Gmail not working  

1Most of the times, Gmail stops working because of internet failure

2.G.mail can also stop working if there is space issue or full memory

3.At times, App is not updated

4.And even users forget passwords of their account because of which they are not able to access their accounts

Contacting customer care

 All the common issues of Gmail can be easily fixed on its own but if in case you are not able to fix it, and then you can contact Gmail technical support for more help. To find out how to contact customer care, follow below details and steps.

Contacting through call

 1.Google has issued different customer care numbers for each service. You can use it for different regions.

2.For calling customer care helpline number, dial the number

3.A recorded voice will ask you press any digit

4.Each digit is assigned for a particular service.

5.Once done, your call be connected to the concerned executive whom you can narrate your query.

Contacting by mail

1.If you want to contact customer care on mail, you can get the email of support team online

2.You can briefly describe the query followed by your contact details

3.The backhand team will reach out to you by mail or call.

Services of Customer care

1.Works 24x7 on all the seven days

2.Easily accessible and cooperative

3.Makes sure to understand your issue and try to solve in no time.

And that’s all for the services of Gmail customer support number.  For more doubts, you can try once contacting the team.

Know About Delta Airlines and its Reservation Process!

Wish to experience comfort and leisure when you are in the sky above? Your wish can be fulfilled by the world’s largest and third-oldest airline. And we are telling you about Delta Airlines. This airline is the major American airline and also considered to be a legacy carrier that is headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia. It carries a maximum number of passengers in every nook and corner of the world making passengers comfortable and gets a feeling of a home away from home. To know more about the airlines, you may refer to the information stated further in this article.

Bringing You Closer to Delta Airlines!

To know about any airline, it can be known from the type of services rendered by the airline. Similarly, to know more about Delta Airlines customer service you may learn about its various services. And these are discussed below.

Delta Airlines aircraft are designed in such a way that it can be preferred by passengers of every class. They are designed in various classes ranging from high to low in services and fares.

Passengers who happen to travel in business and first-class are provided with blankets and pillows for their comfort along with convertible seats into a bed.

To get Delta Airlines reservations you are welcomed to contact customer service, online website or can even use the mobile application.

With many other services of Delta Airlines, you will never be disappointed by it. Now, to know how to get yourself accommodated in this airlines you can follow the steps further.

Offering You Help To Book Delta Airlines Reservation Instantly!

Open a web browser and go to the booking link from the website.

Tap on the “Plan and Book” option from the top of the page and select any one option based on the type of your journey.

Start by entering necessary itinerary details which include departing date, arriving date, the number of passengers traveling along, promo code if applicable and tap “Next”.

Pick the flight from the list of flights available in front of you and choose the required seat after selecting the cabin class.

Moving on, the passenger is required to enter personal details like name, contact number, date of birth, etc along with selecting the mode of payment.

Enter your payment details if you are paying using the online method and confirm for the same.

The confirmation of Delta Airlines reservations will be mailed to you over the email that you entered at the time of booking.

So, with the help of the above steps, you can get your Delta Airlines booked. In case of any issues while booking you can choose to contact Delta customer service anytime.

Want Help? Contact Delta Airlines Customer Service!

The passengers who are facing any kind of hassle need not panic or get apprehensive. Delta Airlines has dedicated and separate customer service for the passengers to help with their issues. So, those who face any issue with Delta Airlines, are free to get in touch with Delta Airlines live person to get the issue resolved in a short period.

Getting Assistance From American Airlines Phone Number!

American Airlines is considered to be the major airline of the United States of America and is also the world’s largest airline. Ever since it has come into the aviation market, it has upgraded its services and functions for the comfort of passengers. Services like favorable flight schedules, flexibility to manage your travel, affordable and high-class entertainment, maximum luggage facility, etc. are imparted by American airlines to comfort passengers in their long hours of travel. 


American Airlines also has a separate and dedicated branch of customer support representatives who help passengers before, during and even after their journey. This branch has special functionalities that do not leave any stone unturned to help passengers at any time of your travel. Also, the officials at American airline aims to satisfy passengers and resolve any issue so they do not want to miss out on any chance that can lead to inconvenience to the passengers traveling with them. So, they have different branches under American Airlines customer service to help passengers. Each branch is discussed below. 


List of Platforms of American Airlines Customer Service! 


  1. American Airlines Phone Number: This platform is the one that is 24/7 active and is available on the website above. You can get in touch with the help of your phone. 

  2. American Airlines Chat Support: This platform is the one that gives on the spot resolution from the chat support system available on the official website of American Airlines. 

  3. American Airlines Email and Social Platform: This can be used for getting assistance for the issues which are either going on since long or needs investigations like baggage delay, baggage loss, etc. 


And a passenger can contact any convenient platform to get his issues resolved that too in a short period. The perks of getting in touch with American Airlines contact number can be mentioned below. 


Perks of Getting in Touch with American Airlines Customer Support! 


  1. The first and foremost benefit of contacting customer support is its activeness of 24/7 and aims to resolve maximum passengers at the same time. 

  2. This customer support is gifted with expert and well-trained customer representatives who will be pleased to help passengers at any time irrespective of the time zone. 

  3. The availability of assistance on three different platforms is the way to resolve issues of many passengers at the same time. 

  4. The assistance is given free of cost and does not charge anything. So, passengers who happen to face issues shall not panic and get in touch with the experts at any time. 


Ways to Contact American Airlines Customer Support! 

  1. Make a call on the helpline number stated on the website. You can even log into the official website and look into a chat support option. 

  2. On getting the response from the other end, explain your issue for which you have contacted. 

  3. Wait for a few minutes for your issues to be reviewed and you will be getting the possible resolution.